The 1998 National Summit

The first National Summit on Retirement Savings, called for by the Savings Are Vital to Everyone's Retirement Act of 1997 (SAVER Act) was held on June 4 - 5, 1998 in Washington, DC. The Summit was co-hosted by the President and the Congressional leadership in the House and Senate. The SAVER Act calls for a second Summit in 2001 and a third in 2005.

The National Summit brought together experts in the fields of employee benefits and retirement savings, key leaders of government, and interested parties from the private sector and general public. The delegates were selected by the Congressional leadership and the President, and represent the diversity of thought in the field without regard to their political affiliation.

The purpose of the Summit was to increase public awareness of the importance of retirement planning and to identify ways to promote greater retirement savings by all Americans. The Summit was a great resource for sharing ideas to advance the public's knowledge and understanding of retirement savings. As called for in the SAVER Act, this Summit was a public/private partnership planned by the U.S. Department of Labor and the American Savings Education Council in consultation with the Administration and Congress. This bipartisan Summit was presided over equally by representatives of the executive and legislative branches.

Summit Materials

1998 Summit Delegates