The EBRI Team - Contact Information

Dallas L. Salisbury
President & CEO
(202) 775-6322
e-mail: salisbury@ebri.org

Team Listing Alphabetically

Luis Alonso
Director of IT and Research Databases
(202) 775-6315
e-mail: alonso@ebri.org

Stephen Blakely
Director of Communications and Managing Editor
(202) 775-6341
e-mail: blakely@ebri.org

Martha Bobbino
Director, Information Center
(202) 775-6348
e-mail: bobbino@ebri.org

Elisabeth Buser
Communications, Research, Administrative Associate
(202) 775-6353
e-mail: buser@ebri.org

Craig Copeland
Senior Research Associate
(202) 775-6356
e-mail: copeland@ebri.org

Patsy D'Amelio
Director of Administration
(202) 775-6323
e-mail: damelio@ebri.org

Paul Fronstin
Director of the Health Research and Education Program
(202) 775-6352
e-mail: fronstin@ebri.org

Deborah Holmes
Education Associate
(202) 775-6347
e-mail: holmes@ebri.org

John MacDonald
Director of Media Relations
email: macdonald@ebri.org

Kenneth J. McDonnell
Program Director
(202) 775-6367
e-mail: mcdonnell@ebri.org

Young Park
Research Associate
(202) 775-6307
e-mail: park@ebri.org

Jack VanDerhei
Director of Research
(202) 775-6327
e-mail: vanderhei@ebri.org

Alicia Willis
Publications Associate
(202) 572-7422
e-mail: willis@ebri.org