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The 2001 Parents, Youth & Money Survey gauges the views, attitudes, and behavior of American parents regarding various financial issues, their savings and investing habits, and their interactions with their children regarding money. The survey was conducted within the United States from Jan. 4 to Jan. 30, 2001, through 19-minute interviews with 1,000 individuals who have primary responsibility for one or more children between the ages of 6-17. According to data from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, in 1998 there were 102,528,000 households in the United States. Of those households, 34,760,000 (34 percent) had children under the age of 18. The 1999 Youth & Money Survey gauges the views, attitudes, and behavior of 1,000 students ages 16-22 about personal finance. In theory, a sample of 1,000 yields a statistical precision of plus or minus 3 percentage points (with 95 percent certainty) of what the results would be if all households with children ages 6-17 were surveyed with complete accuracy. (Subgroup responses have larger margins of error, depending on the size of the group.)

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The Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) was founded in 1978, with the mission to contribute to, to encourage, and to enhance the development of sound employee benefit programs and sound public policy through objective research and education. EBRI is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research organization based in Washington, DC. EBRI does not lobby and does not take positions on legislative proposals. For more information about EBRI, visit:

The American Savings Education Council (ASEC) is a coalition of private- and public-sector institutions that undertakes initiatives to raise public awareness about what is needed to ensure long-term personal financial independence. ASEC works through its partners to educate Americans on all aspects of personal finance and wealth development, including credit management, college savings, home purchase, and retirement planning. ASEC develops and distributes educational materials, all of which are available in hard copy and on the ASEC Web sites: and ASEC is a program of the EBRI Education and Research Fund.

Mathew Greenwald & Associates, Inc. is a full-service market research company with an expertise in financial services research. Founded in 1985, Greenwald & Associates has conducted public opinion and customer-oriented research for more than 100 organizations, including many of the nations largest companies and foremost associations.

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TIAA-CREF Institute is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge on issues that significantly impact lifelong financial security. Fields of study include: pensions and retirement; health, life and long-term care insurance; investment products and strategies; endowments and planned giving; higher education financing and trends; corporate governance; and financial literacy. For more information about the Institutes work, visit: